Valentines nails!

Hello! No detailed tutorial today as these nails are pretty simple, and I’m sure a lot of you will have tried most of these types of nail designs yourself. 

For these valentines nails I wanted to keep it nice and simple, stay away from hearts and I love yous. Sometimes things like that can look tacky. I’ve stuck to pink, red, and white, typical valentines colours. 

So, these are what I came up with! As you can see, they’re all nice and simple, apart from the rose. I wanted to create something you could quickly do before your romantic meal out, but designs that also look pretty and nice. 

I have to be honest I am not keen on these two. Especially the white base. These were simple to create, and the simple French manicure is always a nice, delicate, classy look. 

I really like this nail. I’m not a fan of red nails but this nail looks nice and pretty. I’m a sucker for glittery nails too. The photo hasn’t picked it up very well, need to practise my nail “photography”. It’s a base coat of red, then I’ve built up in layers the glitter. I’ve faded it out 3/4 of the way down. The glitter is mainly gold (not that it has really picked that up), as red and gold go nicely together.

Candy stripes! I did a few attempts of these, and believe it or not, these were my best ones. I definitely need to practise lines, it’s on my nail to do list. I like these nails a lot, if you can do the stripes nice and neatly, then they’re a great nail. I love candy striped nails, no matter what colour. 

Simple polka dots! Again, really simple to do. Base coat pink, then with the fat end of my skewer sticks I use I just dipped it in some white, and stamped it all over the nail. Super cute nail.

So, this is my rose. It looks pretty impressive if I do say so myself. I’ve never ever tried something like this before, so for my first attempt I was rather please with myself. I painted the nail pink, sponged on a rose shape with red, then drew a rose over the top copying an image from google. It was very hard, but if practised could look pretty good. I’d also like to say I didn’t copy the actual idea or way to do it from any where, the only inspiration I got for this nail was literally a clip art rose from google images. 

I hope you liked my valentines nails! I know they’re not the best, and I need to practise my lines, and getting everything neater, but that will come with practise. God and my photo taking skills are awful. Believe it or not I own a Canon 400D, it’s a new addition, and I’m still getting used to it. I’ve actually done a photography BTEC, but you’d never believe it. Feed back would be appreciated!! Good and bad. In fact I’d love some constructive criticism, and some hints and tips on how to get better. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it!!

Ellys Claws x